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- 35mm film photography by Paul Hart, gallery - here As well as featuring my own work, this blog also features work by other photographers and anything else creative that has caught my attention or inspired me.

book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link -

RETROSPECTIVE CYCLES book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link - here

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Team Estrella Galicia 00 launch

Cool vid marking the launch of Team Estrella Galicia 0,0 in Madrid with Moto2 riders Álex Márquez and Joan Mir.


vespa125 1952

vespa125 1952

Photo: © Ugajin Tohru - All rights reserved

More beautiful photography from vespamore contributor, Japan based Ugajin Tohru - the spring blossom on the trees looks amazing over there...

See more of Ugajin's vespa photography here and his vespa parts website here -




Photo: © Phương Nguyễn Huy - All rights reserved

Without sunny,
by Minolta SrtSuper - Fuji 100

Love this film shot.. I've taken loads of vespa shots through the years and viewed countless more but is always nice to discover a different, fresh angle or composition I've not seen before, such as this excellent example.

Thanks very much to Phương Nguyễn Huy for sharing ; )

PS Check out this recent shot too

Sa Calobra

Serpentiny / Switchbacks

Photo: © Kačka a Ondra - All rights reserved

Was watching last night the Hairy Bikers Balearics episode from their excellent Mediterranean Adventure series screened recently on BBC 2. Have been working our way at home through these inspirational programmes on catch up.

The series of 6 episodes covers their journey by motorbike through the Med countries of France, Spain and Italy, plus discovering and serving up some exquisite looking food along the way. Devised by Si King and Dave Myers - what a dream job, that is a gig I would love but by classic Vespa of course..!!

Book accompanying TV series - available here

The Balearics installment takes them along Mallorca's famous 'Sa Calobra' (The Cobra) a mountainous road resembling a coiled snake with a breathtaking series of hairpins and switchbacks, a road Si King exclaims to be the best he's ridden. I've ridden over the Alps on a Vespa which was an amazing experience and mountain riding is something I've been keen to repeat ever since. I've not ridden Italy's Stelvio pass but from the images I've seen, Sa Calobra looks to be similar. I got thinking whether there existed scooter footage of riding the Cobra and found the below vid on YouTube..



Photo: © Bryan Chernick - All rights reserved, click image to view large

"Customized Vespa in Palm Springs, CA. Photographed with a Contax T rangefinder using Fujifilm Velvia 100 35mm slide film."

Nicely taken shot of this Vespa GS160 by film shooter Bryan Chernick in California, United States; nice looking Lambretta Series 2 behind as well..

Thanks for sharing Bryan - obliged ; )

Vespa Club Uganda - photography by Ariel Tagar


I was made aware recently of this series of photographs taken by Israeli photographer, Ariel Tagar, when I was sent the link to the Guardian's feature in late February. I then contacted Ariel to ask permission to feature his photography on here..

The Guardian article written by Elinor Potts, tells how Tel-Aviv based Ariel travelled to the Ugandan city of Kampala and observed a couple of men riding around on old vespas. Upon speaking to them he realised they were part of a larger group who choose the vespa as their transport of choice. Without wanting to take away from Elinor's piece, you can read the full story here as well as viewing Ariel's photographs on his website here


I've seen old colour period 1950/60s photos taken in Kenya I think it was, in a Vespa history book I have but it still amazes me how far afield the Vespa scooter reaches, permeating every corner of the globe and the affection and regard it is still held in..

Thanks very much to Ariel Tagar for allowing me to feature his excellent work.


Vespa P80X 1981

Vespa P80X 1981

Photo: © Thorsten M - All rights reserved

I do like a nicely composed vespa shot with a bit of thought gone into it; this being a great example taken by Thorsten - you can see more of his vespa shots - here

Thanks for sharing Thorsten ; )


Rue Marie Stuart, Paris, France

Rue Marie Stuart, Paris, France

Photo: © Pierre-Yves Sulem - All rights reserved

What a dude... love this shot taken by Pierre-Yves of rider on his smallframe vespa in Paris - great photo!

Merci beaucoup for sharing Pierre-Yves ; )


ScooterNova 6

Nice to get some film photos in latest issue (No.6) of ScooterNova magazine. Get your copy at and read the full story behind this late 1950s Vespa Clubman (VB1T) plus loads of other stuff..

The full set of shots I took of this featured Vespa will be available to view in a couple of months, after the next issue of ScooterNova is out. Staying on the subject of Clubmans, I shot a beautiful VB1T last year at Retrospective Scooters which they had expertly restored along with The London Scooter Bodyshop - see here




Slightly forlorn looking Volvo Amazon stood freezing in snowbound London, made for a nice shot though.. taken on iPhone March 1st - the first meteorological day of spring!


An album of my classic car shots taken on 35mm film - here




Photo by Paul Hart (vespamore photography)/Layout by David Hardy 

This should actually read as 2-dayer.. anyhow you can pick your day (Saturday or Sunday), or come both days if you can. It's a free event hosted by ESSEX VINTAGE VESPA (other than your entry fee to Sunday Best Scooterfest) and weather willing should be a nice day(s) out on vintage vespas.

ESSEX VINTAGE VESPA 1-dayer Facebook page - here

Beast from the East


The weather has got decidedly colder this week with Siberian weather reaching the UK and the press calling this latest front "The Beast from the East"... as they like to do!

Spring seemed to be just the around the corner only last week. I've been riding my scoot pretty much every fortnight throughout winter to keep it ticking over through the colder months. Yesterday's sun and blueish skies were the cue for its latest spin but the "Beast" bit hard as the cold was all pervading in temperatures of about 2 degrees or less; my head feeling like it was in a vice and fingers going numb in no time at all.

Anyway job done and a couple of photos while out and about and getting some respite from the cold..



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